Thursday, April 9, 2009


So I dunno. I thought I'd try this out. Everyone's doing it..

I'm going to attempt to keep a journal of my song writing, recordings, live shows, and whatever else comes to mind.

So to start off, I'm really struggling to get work done on my album A Glow in the Spring. I really do enjoy recording everything myself, but at the current moment I'm having equipment breakdowns like no other. It seems everything wants to give at the same time, and I'm too poor to fix the problems. I have roughly eight completely brand new songs musically worked out, but no way to record them, or to record vocals for that matter. It's really a drag because I want to let people listen to what I'm cooking, but that seems to be a distant dream at the moment.

I have a couple of Chicago shows this month. The first is April 15th at Ronny's Bar. This is with friends Owen Nicolas and future tour buddy Archaeology. Other future tour buddies Dr. Breath were set to play, but unfortunately can't because Chris is still a young boy. The show's 21+ but you can probably get in no problem if you're not of age. They never ID, unless you buy drank.
The second show this month falls on April 19th, and is at the Abbey Pub. I'm real excited to play here. It looks like a wonderful venue. I'll be playing with Juffage, Kate Myers, and A Lull. All of which are fantastic. This show is 18+. I really hate age limited shows, but I gotta play what I get, right?

And yes, speaking of tour. We're really working on making Family Vacation happen. We haven't quite started booking entirely, but I've been in contact with several places. Believe me when I say, updates will be quite frequent on this. Especially when the tour actually begins. I will try my best to update from the road. Maybe some sort of picture/video journal or something.

Possibly getting promos taken this weekend. I hate having pictures taken. I'm a very awkward person to begin with, and getting your picture taken while you try and look like some badass musician person is definitely up there on the awkward scale.

I feel like I'm boring whoever may be reading this, so I'll stop for now. It's 4:30 in the morning and I think I may try to sleep.


keeb said...

balls yeah

Taylor said...

smile with your eyes!!!